Paradise Guide Services Fees

Baffin Bay and Laguna Madre Fishing Trips

Baffin Bay is known as a premiere saltwater fishing destination for anglers of all ages and experience levels. Our Bay and knowledgeable guide service allows visitors to have their own special experience. We are home to a plethora of schooling bull redfish, as well as more state record trout than any other Texas bay systems.


The Paradise Guide Services fishing season runs from March - September. Our mission is to give you the best saltwater experience you have ever had as we hunt for trout, redfish, and drum throughout the bay system.


Although there are many methods to catching these Baffin Beauties, we prefer to use live croaker on a free-line to get the most out of our fishing trips. It allows constant action, and we can use this method in rocks, deep or shallow water and wading. One of our favorite techniques is utilizing the unique rock pattern that Baffin Bay has hiding below the surface. The structures these rocks create make the perfect hiding spot for trophy trout and bull reds.


In the beginning of spring, we tend to use live shrimp, as we are waiting for croaker to become available, seasoned, and grow to the optimum size to catch your trophy fish. As we reach the end of spring, generally April or May, our croaker season will be coming into full swing! With that being said, we will fish ANY method or means our customers prefer. Whether it’s free-lining croaker, wading a shoreline with artificial lures, live shrimp under a popping cork, or even dead bait on the bottom for black drum, we will strive to provide the best saltwater fishing experience you’ve ever had!



2 people $650

3 people $750

4 people $850

5 people $950


2 people $600

3 people $650

4 people $700

5 people $750

6+ hour full day guided trips

If staying with us at The Ranch House on Baffin Bay, we will pick you up at the end of the pier. If staying somewhere else with pier access, then we will pick you up at the end of that pier.


All other trips will leave out of one of the 2 public boat ramps (Kaufer Hubert Memorial Park public boat ramp OR Wiliamson's boat ramp). Clients are to meet at the designated ramp which is determined by the weather. 


  • fishing rods/reels

  • live bait

  • water bottles

  • sunscreen




Guests have several options for dinner, breakfast, and lunch upon arrival and through departure. 

Baffin Bay Seafood Co. is located several miles down from our lodge and is a waterfront dining option on Baffin Bay. Since they are not open 24/7 to accomodate all meals, there is an additional option to include food service

Paradise Guide Services will provide you with a personal chef  to cater as many meals requested during your stay. Our chef will provide you with breakfast before a fishing trip, lunch to take on the boat, and a wonderfully prepared dinner. While booking your reservation you can specify how you would like to organize the meals. Price and availability will be based upon your meal requests and lodging. 


  • $200 deposit required on the day trip is booked (check, cash or credit card)

  • Refundable if cancelation notice is given 2 weeks in advance

  • IF trip is canceled within 4 days of scheduled date, payment for trip will be required IN FULL!

  • Paradise Guide Services reserves the right to cancel or postpone a trip due to inclement weather or other conditions deemed unsafe by the guide

  • *10% discount on lodging when booking a fishing trip*